Saturday, November 29, 2008

Auction Closed: No more frou frou!

I heard about a neat challenge for this holiday season. The challenge is to NOT buy any Christmas decorations and instead donate the money to a charity. I like it! If you really must have something new, GoodHousekeeping this month has some neat ideas for eco-friendly wreaths made out of things lying around your house and all-natural Christmas decor using the beauty of nature. I love it! If you're up for the challenge - let me know how it goes.

This week's Bag Biddies are:
Bag Biddies, please email within 1 week to arrange payment and postage/pickup.

Thank you everyone for showing up here week after week and buying our bags. If you would like an email reminder when new bags are posted and little BFZ updates, please join the Facebook Group or send an email to me with the subject of "subscribe".

Love y'all,
Jennie C.


Anonymous said...

OK - apparently I need some clarification here. I was online here in PHX at 8:30pm - 9:30pm and the whole time I was the highest bidder on Grace's bag - but then I look at 10:54pm and see that I wasn't. How's that??! And my clock on my computer is right on.

Anonymous said...

Jilly, Jilly, Jilly, We are on Mountain Standard Time... so 9:00 Jennie's time is 10:00 our time. I'm not sure why AZ doesn't change with the rest of the states???

And ConnieWoman is married to BruceMan.... who loves Batman.... hence, ConnieWoman. :o)

Beth said...

ummm, in response to creative Christmas decorating... I had a few Starbucks gift card holders from last Christmas that are small mitts, so I hung those up on the stairway. Kinda cheesy, but they're cute.
Beth N.

Anonymous said...

On the "no more frou frou" Larisa has diligently been making your fabric gift bags. Yeah, we're going green this Christmas. (Might be a lighter shade than most eco-friendly families though.)

Jennie C. said...

Excellent work Beth and Larisa! I've been saving Christmas cards for years and was very excited about the idea I saw for a wreath, but it requires a foam wreath as the base, so I need to either find an alternative around the house or skip it. :(