Friday, June 19, 2009

Most Marvelous Miriam

Tonight's Bag Biddie is Miriam! Thanks so much Miriam ... again. We know where to find you.

All proceeds from this fundraiser go towards Zaza's adoption.

P.S. I was looking at a baby name website and for the first time thought to look up Zaza. It means movement. Neato, eh? It's not even her real name, but it speaks to the journey that's ahead for this little girl.

P.P.S. Why was I looking at a baby name website? Because our own adoption is actually moving along and although we're not changing our children's names, we're adding an extra middle name.



Miriam said...

Congrats to you and Terry, Jenn!!

Anonymous said...

That is cool that Zaza means movement. That's what we've been waiting on the whole time. AND it will summarize her childhood.

Linda is a nice name to add.....