Monday, July 6, 2009

Silver Stuff

Boca in Bend - you're the highest bidder on Anne of Avonlea.

Please email within 1 week to arrange payment and postage/pickup. Thanks so much for your support. All proceeds from this fundraiser go towards Zaza's adoption.

And now if you'll humour me, here's a conversation I recently had with my 12 year old soon-to-be-adopted son...

William: Mom, when did you put that silver stuff in your hair?

Mom: What silver stuff?

William: You know, when did you dye all those hairs silver?

Mom: Right. Well, you see, I couldn't decide between the latest crazes in hair styles, so I thought I'd do something original and dye a few (hundred) individual strands of hair silver. And while I was on a role, I had them crimped, too -- you know, just so they'd be all wiry and fashionable looking.

... at least he called them "silver" and not "gray".


Jillybean said...

I can laugh and cry with you, Jenny... so funny. Darn kids.

JayP said...

I too have a 12 yr old son who several months ago TOLD me that I HAD to dye my hair. I'm on the older side of most of his friends mothers so obviously this was not 'cool' to have those 'silver' hairs. Having never dyed my hair I bought a liquid henna from my local vegan/alternative store and it turned out quite nice without any damage...outside of that poor lol

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Willy Bill.

Nicole said...

LOL :)

Jennie C. said...

Thanks all for your laughter and your tears.

JayP - nice to hear the henna worked for you. At first I was picturing an orange end to your story.

Miriam said...

TOO FUNNY!!! So glad my kids aren't the only ones who are so bluntly honest!