Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why does adoption cost so much anyway?

My kids always have deep and profound questions ready for me when I go to tuck them in at night. I suspect that it's often just a ploy to wring a few more minutes out of their day. True to form, my 10 year old daughter recently asked, "Why does adoption cost so much anyway?" Wanting to give her a thorough answer I told her, "For a lot of reasons, but let's talk about it tomorrow." As I was heading out the door she made one last attempt, "Is it because of the shipping?"

I promise, more bags are coming...


Anonymous said...

Tell her, "Yes! Shipping is about 1/5 of the cost." At least it is for us to be shipped to get Zaza, and then ship all of us back home.
~ Zaza's Mama

Stephenson said...

I just love the thoughts of a child.

~ A Zaza fan...LaVonna :)