Saturday, May 17, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

[Updated September 25, 2008]

Who is Zaza and why does she need bags?
Zaza doesn't need bags, she needs a home. She's an orphan in Colombia and all profits from the sale of these bags goes towards her adoption expenses. Once the adoption is final, she'll be my niece. Read this blog for more info.

Can I post a link on my blog/website?
Of course! As long as you say nice things. Here's a picture you can use.

Who's all involved with Bags for Zaza (BFZ)?
I started it (Jennie C). And then I was joined by Linda (Zaza's mama-to-be), Grace (Zaza's grandma-to-be), Leah (my sister), and Jenn V (my workmate). These are our main team of sewers. But others have helped with sewing, and delivering bags, and donations, etc.

You are all so creative and talented - where do you get your inspiration?
Thank you. Actually, I pilfered 93% of this scheme from Joyce. She's my sister's husband's mother's cousin. She is raising money for the crisis in Darfur. Her bags are fabulous and she is brilliantly creative. If you like her bags - buy one - she is the queen of eclectic! I bought a Darfur messenger bag and made some changes to the pattern to suit what I wanted. Our bags' styles are inspired by the fabrics we have, books from the library, bags walking down the street, etc... We've recently branched out into some different styles of totes and purses.

How do I know all the money is going towards Zaza's adoption?
You don't. You'll have to trust me. Ask my sister. Or my sister-in-law. I'm honest.

What materials are used in your bags; why do you call it eco-friendly?
I started this project by using up the materials already in my possession. Some were remnants from other projects, some were projects I didn't even get started on. Some of these fabrics have been passed down from my great grandmother, to my grandmother, to my mother, to me. Apparently I come by my pack-rat-gene honestly. It's about time someone gets some use from this stuff. Then other pack-rats started coming out of their holes and donating from their stashes. So wonderfully generous. I also snag the occasional great deal from thrift stores. And we re-purpose appropriate items, such as jeans, linens, etc. I call it eco-friendly because we're using stuff that could otherwise end up in landfills.

How much of the purchase price goes towards Zaza's adoption?
Because we don't buy much, our costs are low (thread and needles). So, up until August 31st we were donating it all - 100%. We're now deducting our minimal expenses and those will be reported on every month in this post.

How do I buy a bag?
You bid on it by leaving your name and an amount in the comments section for that bag. Read these instructions if you need more details.

I have some fabric. Do you want it?
Thank you so much for your offer. Is it all right if I look through it, and then donate what I can’t use to a great thrift shop that I know? Or I could return it to you. I'm determined not to come out of this with more fabric than I started with.

I don't want a bag, but I'd like to contribute to Zaza's adoption - what should I do?
Contact Linda.

What's in it for you?
An adorable new niece, of course. And getting rid of my ridiculously huge stash of fabric is definitely a bonus.

What's with the crazy names on your bags?
I'm a book worm and I needed a catch. So, they're titles of books. Good books (mostly). You should read them. Note: books are not included - but libraries are eco-friendly, too!

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