Saturday, August 16, 2008

Proud Parents

I'm a proud parent. My 14 year old, soon-to-be-adopted, foster daughter performed in a fashion and fine arts show at our church last night. The theme was "Your Life is a Gift". She has such a great stage presence and did such a fabulous job representing a battered and abused girl in her performance, I got tears in my eyes. I look at these moments of growth and maturity in her and I wonder where she'd be if she hadn't been with us. A proud parent moment. I wonder how I was possibly deemed worthy to raise and direct this complex young lady. A humble parent moment.

And of course, we have several proud parents of this week's bags to announce!
Please email to arrange payment and postage/pickup.

Thank you to you beautiful people! And, if you please, come back on Monday for more bags!

And a special thanks to my sweet hubby 'cause it's his birthday and he puts up amazingly well with a household covered in thread and fabric and buttons. XOXOX.



Anonymous said...

A Happy Birthday to You
A Happy Birthday to You
May you feel Jesus near
Every day of the year
A Happy Birthday to You
A Happy Birthday to You
And the best year you've ever had.

(My best Wildwood birthday song for Terry.)

Stephenson said...


God blessed you with a wonderful and patient husband who works with all the "stuff" laying around. :) May he have an AWESOME year.