Sunday, September 7, 2008

Four Generations of BFZ Models

Click on any picture for a larger view.

I'm so excited to share with you these pictures of my family with their bags.

First of all there's my Grandmother. I love her so much and she's given me and my family so much, including the ability to sew! The bag she's modeling is one made by my baby sister, who hasn't had time to make herself one yet.

Next we have my Mother, who passed her sewing skills, along with many other treasured lessons, on to me. She now owns three BFZ bags ~ thank you Marmy! [PICTURE COMING SOON -- apparently she's backpacking around in the wilderness and doesn't have any of her pretty BFZ bags with her.]

And then there's my Sister (not the baby one) with the plum bag. She is amazing with young children and Where the Wild Things Are is one of her favorite books. If you click on her picture and take a close look at her bag, you can see Max scampering across it.

My bag is all about the fabrics. I used fabrics preserved from my childhood, my junior high years, my high school years, and even from my honeymoon! It means a lot to me and I drag it everywhere.

And finally, we have my youngest Daughter, who's bag was definitely the most time consuming of all bags. I let her rummage around in the scrap bin (one of my favorite things to do as a child) and she came up with the scariest combination of fabrics I've ever seen. She has absolutely no fashion sense and as long as she's comfortable, she's happy ~ I love it. So, we cut out little squares and she spent hours rearranging them oh-so-carefully and I stitched and I embroidered and I crocheted and eventually we came up with this masterpiece - which we both LOVE! We named it Uncle Wizmo's New Used Car. The forest-green and dusty-rose floral square is from my bride's maid's dress.

My other daughter, who's one of my regular models on BFZ, doesn't get a bag until she actually decides what she wants and then cuts it out! :)

Thank you for letting me share my family and their bags with you. Come back some time on Monday to start bidding on a new batch of bags.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful women and beautiful bags. Thanks for sharing. (Waiting for your mom's picture...)
~ Zaza's Mama

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, lovely family & bags! You are a wonderful example to all, truly generous & talented!

Anonymous said...

Multi-generational! How wonderful!!!
Your bag sounds so symbolic and sentimental... I love that your daughter picked out her own fabrics and helped design her own bag!

Anonymous said...

K on Amanda's bag the elephant is from my kid's bedding, the far right bottom corner is from a dress Jennie made me when I was really little. The floral just up from that is Jennies bridesmaid mumus...I mean dresses :) Love you Jen!

That bag is VERY Amanda. And Grams looks great wearing my bag, I'm glad she bought it. I love it.