Saturday, February 7, 2009

All Through the Week

This week's Bag Biddy is:
  • All Through the Night -- Ann -- $60
Please email within 1 week to arrange payment and postage/pickup.

Thanks so much for your continuing support! I wish Zaza would just come home already ...

Hopefully we'll have more bags to be posted on Tuesday!

If you would like an email reminder when new bags are posted and little BFZ updates, please join the Facebook Group or send an email to me with the subject of "subscribe".


Anonymous said...

Any advance peeks to whet our baggie addictions???

Anonymous said...

I have almost finished a brown and pink linen blend bag -- it is that yummy material I told you all about. You may see a sneak peek. Hopefully it will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for looking!!! Grace

Anonymous said...


I knew it! After vacation - no one wants to return back to work.
Thank you Grace, for stepping up to the challenge and quenching the thirst of us who can't wait to see new bags!