Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What day is it again?

Yes, it's Tuesday. No, you're not going insane. Speaking of insane, why didn't anyone warn me that raising teenagers would be so hard? I know it's another excuse, but parenting this roiling stewing pot of hormones and angst is really cramping my style ... my sewing style.

"Where are the bags?" you ask, "I didn't come here to read a blog post; I want pictures of gorgeous, tactile, multi-purpose, carrying-in-style creations!"

Grace, our dear diligent Grace, is the only one with a bag this week. I feel like y'all need to have choices, so I'm thinking of waiting until next week, when there will be more than one bag to post. But I'm open to feedback.

Thank you for reading. I apologize for the lack of visual stimuli.

P.S. You're free to add the aforementioned stewing pot to your prayer list. :)


Anonymous said...

A bag by Grace could stand alone any day, post away!!! We await her
latest amazing creation!! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

I went up to her house and saw the bag last night. It is absolutely beautiful... with wooden handles. A purse... in rich tones... and silk lining.....

I vote post it!

~ Linda

Anonymous said...

WE WANT GRACE! WE WANT GRACE! (I'm chanting and pounding my fists on the table......)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Got a kick out of your comments. Ed just got home from Pastor's School and has just sent the pictures of the bag to Jennie. She will post the one bag tomorrow. Thanks guys, Love, Grace

Anonymous said...

Children grow up so quick, this phase too shall pass. Hang in there! In 10 yrs you become the smartest person they know & they rely on your wise advice for all the truly important stuff.
They will actually apologize for doubting your intelligence during their challenging years, REALLY !!
Good Luck from a bag collecting parent of adult children. :)

Anonymous said...

Great advice!!