Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun fun fun!

OK - Wacky Wednesday was FUN! There's still a pair of Cookies and Cream Glovies left (ladies large) ... and I think we'll be doing this again. Maybe not on a Wednesday, it could be a Free-for-all Friday. Or at Totally-Awesome Tuesday. We'll just have to see.

What's so NEATO about the crocheted items is that I can do it anywhere. I carpool with three groovy guys and our drive is about 50 minutes each way. They prefer that I don't crochet when I'm driving, but they're absolutely fine with me going all loopy when someone else is at the wheel!

Question #1: What colours of glovies are you interested in? (I have SO much yarn - thank you Cousin Dawn and Nancy B.)

Question #2: What colours of totes or messenger are you interest in? (Options here are more limited, but I thought it would still be polite to ask)

Question #3: How does one suffer from a cold for 2 1/2 weeks, enjoy 1 1/2 days of wellness and then get another virus that comes with a horrible sore throat and fever. How is that fair? You don't have to answer this.

Thank you all! Now answer my questions and then go read up on the adoption news over at Zaza's Mama's site.


Anonymous said...

The solid plaid tote slipped through my grasp...I liked the colors there. I like the neutrals....the gloves are cute - but I am all about the bags! Hope you feel 100% soon!

Jennie C. said...

OK OK OK - I'll make another plaid tote. I really loved that tote, too. I was given several metres of that plaid. The next one probably will just have one contrasting fabric - the floral or the pinstripe - the different coloured bottom was 'cause I made a measuring mistake.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what wonderful things come from measuring mistakes!!! Ask one who knows. I have a black and white bag in the works. I'm having a hard time not adding color and bling, but sometimes neutral is better to wear with more outfits. Love, Grace

Anonymous said...

oooooh... yummy, yummy, a black and white bag..color and bling can be nice too! You always do such beautiful work Grace!

Anonymous said...

Glovies are so cute!!
Cool colour suggestions.....
brown like 'yours'
dark and/or light denim blue,
dark steely gray,
Since postage is pricy, maybe a special rate for multiple pair purchases in future?
Cold drinks, hot soup, long baths, rest, read! Feel lots better by Monday! Take care.

Anonymous said...

eerrr....lets just say postage is 'expensive'! Late here & my spelling is tired.

Anonymous said...

I'm envoius of your 50 minutes of "down time". Mine is spent reading Greek Mythology at present. Ugh. I didn't like it the first time around... 25 years ago.

I finished my pink, green, yellow, orange bag but my pictures won't load! Double ugh.

Hope you feel better soon. Tell Terry to put Vick's vapor rub on your feet.... yes, FEET. And then put sock on. It works wonders.

Miriam said...

I love all your items ... just wish I could get to them faster!! Grace's bags are to die for - the one I bought travelled to the beaches of Hawaii with me.

Anonymous said...

I love all your bags, and the glovies are a great idea! Good for garage saleing :-) I've been watching for neutral tote bag. My 6 year old son needs one for carrying his piano music and I'd love to pick something up here, rather than a Safeway bag! But each bag I show him is apparently too girly (he's very in tune with what's masculine :-)

Great Job all around!!


Anonymous said...

Colleen, I just got a donation of a tan/gray diamond pattern that is very manly. I'll put you neutral bag on my list. (right in between the Chinese silks and the shabby chic cottons)
~ Linda

Anonymous said...

Linda, my oh-so-manly 6 year old will thank you :-)


Canadian Kristin said...

I linked to the glovies post and found the Pickwick Papers bag... YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find some more of that great "extra credit" fabric and consider remaking that amazing bag!!!

I think the glovies you are wearing in the Pickwick post were a brown-ish? I liked that colour lots!

Anonymous said...

Miriam: Glad my bag got to Hawaii - wished it had been me! Thanks for your encouraging words. I am heading up to Vancouver Island to see my sister for a few days - back to my country. My black and white bag is just about finished so --- it will be on soon. Grace

Anonymous said...


I noticed an ad on Craigslist a while back with a link to the blog site explain why you were selling the bags.

I check back about once a week now looking for a bag.

I have been mall-hunting for an everyday messenger bag for quite sometime now but love the idea of having a one of a kind bag!

I am really looking forward to seeing this black and white bag!


Gratis said...

I really liked the pink floral fabric in "Laughter & Latte 2". Nice size and pockets, too.

Anonymous said...

Mom, you better get off the couch and get busy! :oD

~ Lovely Linda

Anonymous said...

Curious when the next 'for sale'
posting would be?

Elizabeth said...

Hi, if you have meters of the plaid. I like that. I have an 8 yr. old boy that is waiting for a messanger bag as well. Along w/ two girls. Holding out the perfect RRR bag for my 13 yo. And anything girly [w/ bling] for my 10 yo "girly girl" I keep checkin'
But hey, no pressure =)
It has been fun seeing what ya'll come up w/.