Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Here's how it works. Posted below are 6 items: Two light weight tote bags + Four pairs of Lovely Spring Glovies.

Each item is $20 and this includes postage to Canada or the U.S!

It's first come, first serve -- so don't hesitate.

If you would like to buy one of these items, simply leave a comment on that post indicating that you want it and your name (i.e. something like, "Mine. Jennie C.").

And then email to arrange payment and shipping. That's it!

What are Lovely Spring Glovies? They are cute little crocheted fingerless gloves ... "glovelettes" if you will. They provide a little bit of extra warmth, without the full coverage of mittens or gloves. They can also be a fashion statement and look great with long or short sleeves. We've recently received two HUGE donations of yarn, so we thought we'd try something new. I've been wearing my glovies for a couple years now and they made a brief appearance on BFZ in a post last November.

All proceeds go towards Zaza's adoption!
We've raised approximately $5700 so far!


Anonymous said...

$5700!!! Whoooooo HOoooooooooo! Thanks everyone.

And I must say, this Wacky Wednesday deal is a smashing hit. I love the glovies.... just don't really have a need for them in AZ. The red ones are fabulous.

Zaza's Mama, Linda

Beth said...

I love the red one too. Very nice work Jen.
Beth N.

Beth said...

red ones... referring to the gloves. I just can't let a typing error slip, it bugs me too much.