Thursday, May 29, 2008

Expired Fingerprints?

No news on Zaza, but apparently her adoptive parents fingerprints have expired and they need new sets done. Weird or what?

Whilst sewing tonight, my 10 year old took it on herself to entertain me with jokes -- could anything be more torturous? But she was also helpful in turning straps inside out, emptying my garbage bin, and she even provided a name for my next bag. Stay tuned...

Currently available: Little House on the Prairie


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Anonymous said...

O.K...this is my first time on your blog checking out the bags. These are way too cute Jennie! You could do some cool things with black fabric and name the bags like "Darth Vader's Saddle Bag" or "Come Over to the Dark Side"...just some suggestions. You and the kids are doing a great job! Way to go!
Your brother-in-law and the Rick in rixgal, Rick