Sunday, June 15, 2008

Almost There!

Well, I've pretty much finished making bags for those pesky friends, family, and coworkers (God bless them). I have a couple more sales to be confirmed - so I may or may not have reached my first goal of $500. Yes folks, you heard correctly; I said first. A new goal has been set. The new goal is to keep on sewing until Zaza comes home!

Zaza's mama has joined the BFZ sewing team. What's really neat about this is that I surprised Zaza's family with this whole scheme and they didn't know anything about it until the first 9 bags went up. I'm so excited to be blessing them in this way.

I'm going to try SUPER HARD to have a new batch of bags up TOMORROW. It will probably be late because I have a job and a family and an exercise commitment and I live near the Pacific, which is practically at the end of world.

And now here's a little taste of what you've missed out on:

Wood Magic went to my precious mother.

Where the Wild Things Are
went to my darling sister.

The Baronet's Song went to my dear friend "Cootie".

Every Living Thing went to my mum's friend.

Little Men went to Mandolin Mom.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful bags Jennie. You are so creative......lovely designs!
Keep up the inspiring work, for Zaza & your fans !
Judy A.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jennie...and to think it all started here in Manitoba with my cousin Joyce whose very fine mother and father I visited yesterday in Steinbach..who raised 8 children and have adopted me as one since I have no mom or dad. Keep up the great bag work. Oh also its fab to see how you've encouraged Leah in the fitness thing. Roelle