Monday, June 9, 2008

BFZ Sewing Par-tay!

Thank you to Beth, Leah and Jayme for coming to help me sew on Friday night. We had so much fun and were actually productive, as well. Here's some of the exciting things that happened:
  • Two bags were completely sewn.
  • Two more bags were partially sewn.
  • Three bags were cut out.
Oh yeah, and we can't forget about the flashing incident. Leah, whilst attempting to show off her new tattoo, inadvertently showed us a whole lot more. Thankfully, my hubby was dishing up rhubarb crisp in the kitchen and it was only us girly girls that witnessed the escaped mammary.

And I learned that the phrase, "It doesn't have to be perfect" means very different things to different people. To Beth, it means variations of a millimeter are barely tolerated. To Leah, it means that an inch or so is nothing to worry about and that straight lines are boring! Jayme hangs out with me in the reasonable middle.

Thanks again ladies -- for the help -- and for putting up with my bossy slave-driving!

With all this help, I'm anticipating having bags available for general consumption in about 10 days!

Leah at the cutting mat, Beth at the sewing machine.

Jayme and her sewing machine are one.
Add some Mars bars to the mix and you have
a force not to be reckoned with.
(Actually - Leah and I ate all the Mars bars)

Leah's still cutting.
This is the one time Jayme actually stood up from the machine.

Yes, that's me: Jennie C, in my pretty party clothes.

And this is pretty much what my living room looks like all the time now.
I don't have a sewing room.



Anonymous said...

I ate ONE Mars Bar missy!!

Anonymous said...

Leah, 25 of those squat things for you! Jennie, about 250...

And eeeegads... the livingroom. Why not put all the fabric downstairs in your big room????

I finished one bag yesterday and almost one today. Wooo Hooo!

Zaza, come on down!

Brett Elizabeth Spore @theworldisee said...

It is so fun to read about you and your bags. Praise God for good friends, good fellowship, and good fun. Keep up the great work. Maybe someday I'll see a bag that is "all mine" and buy it. Until then, I pray for ZaZa

joyce said...

:) Cheers, Jennie