Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ding Ding Ding ...

... and that's the end of round two! Thanks again people - I can't believe these bags are gone already.

I've learned at least one important lesson so far: Grandmothers get first dibs! And since mine donated many of the fabrics I'm using, I guess she's right.

There is one very sad and lonely bag from round one that is still available. It's feeling a tad bit unloved, but it is definitely holding out for that special relationship and won't cheapen itself with anything less. So, if you're that special someone for this bag - wait no longer to take home Little House on the Prairie for your very own (P.S. It likes long, romantic walks on the beach).

And stay tuned everyone for round three in another week or so!


Anonymous said...

Wow! These bags are amazing Jen! And it's also amazing how fast they're selling. Good work.

Anonymous said...

You're so funny Jen.