Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Gal Who Saved My Living Room

I don't have a sewing room. I also have 3 kids and a hubby who wouldn't let me hide in a sewing room, anyhow. I sew at the dining room table, in the middle of all the action. But this project requires a lot of fabric to be readily available and I need to see what I have so that I can pull pieces together and make beautiful harmonic works of bagilicious art.

This is what happened to my living room:

Not a pretty site - pretty fabric, but on the whole, not the effect I'm going for in a living room.

After putting up with this for about 8 weeks, I sent a desperate cry out to my friends for shelving that might be lying around unused, unloved, unburdened. AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

My dear friend, Jayme, saved my living room:

I totally cheated in this picture, the couch is piled with laundry and the kids last-day-of-school junk is also just out of frame, but at least the fabric is dealt with.

But back to Jayme. I keep forgetting to give her credit for sewing - she's assembled 3 bags for me, Perennials: Volume I being the latest. She's helped spread the word about BFZ and solicited fabric donations and just encouraged the heck out of me. Not to mention her role in revolutionizing nutrition in our local school system - OK, now I'm getting off topic.

Love ya Jayme! Thanks for the loan of those fantastic shelves!

P.S. Other than a first name, Jayme has chosen to rename anonymous, as she has seen the damage the paparazzi has done to my life and the lives of my family. *sigh* The trials we celebrities must endure.



Anonymous said...

You are awesome! So is Jayme! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny... the shelving looks wonderful. I have my fabric stashed all over. Would you please add Cheryl J. from Phoenix to your thank you list..She just donated lots of designer fabrics in red, gold and soft greens. Also lovely trim.. What a blessing. THANKS.....GRACE

Jennie C. said...

Thanks Jen J.

Will do, Grandma Grace.

Anonymous said...

I'm completely envious of your shelving. My loft looks like your BEFORE picture. I need to cry out for help..... great idea. Hadn't thought of that. But that's why I have you. I also didn't think of Bags for Zaza, or Craig's list donations, or Goodwill, for that matter. Thanks for the inspiration.
~ Zaza's Mama