Monday, August 4, 2008

Editor's Notes

For some reason I didn't manage to get a single bag made for this week's batch, but thankfully the rest of the BFZ team has come through. Lest you think I've completely fallen apart, I did create and sell a bag that didn't make it onto the website AND I exercised five times this week (5 times people!). But as far as BFZ goes, I will have to console myself with [Editor's notes] for this week.

Bid on a bag by leaving your name and a bid in the comments section for that bag. Please feel free to leave non-bidding comments, too (but only if they're nice). Bidding starts at $25 and increases by whole $s. The highest bidder at 8am (PDT) on Saturday, August 9th gets the bag!

Postage is extra (from Abbotsford, BC or Phoenix, AZ).

This week's bags are:

  • When Mother was Eleven Foot Four
  • The Gold of Friendship
  • Cherry Cola Champion
  • A Color of [Her] Own
  • Footprints


Anonymous said...

to be announced...I will stay tuned...Love this weeks stuff!!

Anonymous said...

OOOhhhh, it's a delicious red toile tote coming............shhhhhh.
~Zaza's Mama

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......I will keep watching and waiting...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie: For some reason our e-mail is not working. To answer your question about citizenship - I am not dual, both my folks were born in Canada. I'm still a Canadian. I have the red, white a black materials spread out on the bed. My creative juices are starting to flow! I'm vacuuming up my mess from last week so I can start again. Love you, Grace