Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a SIX Bag Week

We have some spectacular debuts at BFZ this week: our first man bag and a new style of purse! And because last week was only a four bag week, we're making it up to you with a SIX bag week.

Bid on a bag by leaving a name and a bid in the comments section for the bag you want. Or just comment and tell us what you think. Bidding starts at $25 and increases by whole $s. The highest bidder at 8am (PDT) on Saturday, August 23rd gets the bag!

Keep scrolling down to take a look at:
  • No Girls Allowed
  • The Oddysey
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Secrets
  • The Quilt of Life
  • Strait is the Gate
  • The Elephant: Peaceful Giant
And if you missed yesterday's post, that's because there wasn't one. But we'd still like to know - "What's in your bag?"


Anonymous said...

WOW! You have a great mix of awesome bags this week! Too great, in fact. I don't know where to start!!!!! (sound like a problem to you guys??) Probably not! I don't have time to bid now but I WILL be back! :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome job I agree!! So many little time..

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are my sewing heroes.

Anonymous said...

I just have to tell you about my old Kenmore sewing machine 1970's/. I paid around $50.00 for it and it started having lots of problems. We took it to be serviced and we asked the guy what machine he would recommend because I felt I needed one. He said you can't beat the one you have! It was over $l00.00, but well worth it. It just purrs like a kitten - runs just great.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from Grandma Grace.