Monday, September 1, 2008

I Touch

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What was I thinking? I saw this cute brown fabric with pink circles on it and I just HAD to recreate it. The circles on my bag are attached with fusible interfacing and then top-stitched with bubble-gum pink stitching. The edges are left frayed and I just know people's fingers will have to touch your polka-dots; thus the cute name, I Touch.

We commonly get the feedback around here, "Oh, it's way better than the picture." The same goes for this bag - the real life colours are definitely warmer and richer. The browns are fudgy, the pinks are bubble gummy.

The brown body of the bag is another piece of Mystery Pete's donation. It's a light-weight pants material, but I backed it with some cotton to give it extra weight and strength.

The front flap is covered with polka-dots and so is the back two pockets. The side pocket is sewn from strips of the same accent fabrics and will nicely hold a cell phone (or Blackberry), keys, or sunglasses.

The inside of this bag is sewn from a light pink gauzy fabric, which I backed with some heavier linen for strength. I sewed here and I sewed there and now it's all cute and kinda quilted and ziggity-zaggety (which I'm pretty sure is a word my Grandpa would use). The inside features three pockets.

The entire messenger bag is top-stitched with pink pink thread. And to honour all that pinkalicious yumminess, my 10 yr-old daughter who is pink to the core debuts her BFZ modelling career.

Despite the light weight fabrics, the extra backing and stitching gives this bag a medium weight and it's suitable for a purse, or a binder and book or two, or lots of sunscreen and granola bars.

Bid on this bag by leaving your name and a bid in the comments section. Bidding starts at $25 and increases by whole $s please. Highest bidder at 8am (PDT) on Saturday, September 6th gets the BAG! Postage extra (from Abbotsford, BC). This bag was created by Jennie.

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Anonymous said...

25.00 love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Great work, Jen. I admire your skill at ziggedy-zaggedy stitching.
~ Zaza's Mama

scrappychick said...


Anonymous said...


chuch said...

$30 Alana

Unknown said...

35.00 RMB

scrappychick said...


chuch said...


joyce said...

you pulled out the stops on this one! lovely work.

Jennie C. said...

Thanks for the kind comments folks. And the bids!

JDP said...

Love those happy colours!!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

I wanna touch it.


Jennie C. said...

Kristy - you are the highest bidder! If you haven't already, please email to arrange payment and shipping/pickup.

christnerfam said...

I love this bag! Are you ever going to make one similar? Love the colors and polka dots!---Heather

Jennie C. said...

Thank you Heather. I don't know if I'll make another one of these. It was SO resource intensive. I'm rather moody when it comes to making bags, I have to make what I'm in the mood to make or I just don't get anywhere. But it's definitely inspiring to make something that I know will be popular - so we'll see!