Saturday, October 11, 2008

Auction Closed: Pie Makes a Party!

I had my friend Jenn V. over for a sewing party on Friday night. "Sew" fun. Groan. Part way into the evening she informed me, "There's only two of us - it's not a party." Hmph. "But there's pie," I retorted. Then Jayme came and set up more shelves - yaay shelves. And then my sibs showed up - all 4 of them - and the sewing pretty much ended and the partying began. We read passages from books and planned our next round of bags ... sorta. Alrighty then! Thanks Jayme for the shelves and thanks Jenn for ALL the sewing.

This weeks bag biddies are:
Bag Biddies, please email to arrange payment and postage/pickup.

ThAnKyOuLoTsAnDlOtS! Now go eat some pie and come back Tuesday for more bags!


Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians!
Much love, Zaza's Mama, Linda

Anonymous said...

Okay, I did not know Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving. I thought that was only a U.S. holiday. Please enlighten me. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is always the second Monday in October. It is celebrated much like here with turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, etc. etc. It still seems weird to me that it's not on Thursday with the Friday off, but it was nice to have more than 2 months in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
~ Linda

Jennie C. said...

And we weird Canadians can also get a federal election over with in about 5 weeks! Go figure. ;)