Saturday, October 18, 2008

Auction Closed: Yodalayheehoo!

Sometimes, a person has just gotta yodel a bit. Don't you agree?

This week's bag biddies are:
Bag Biddies, please email to arrange payment and postage/pickup.

And thank you again. I know I say it every week, but darn it - I mean it every week.


Anonymous said...

I think it is so cool to find out where the winners are from and how they heard about BFZ.

Monica, who won Espresso for a Woman's Spirit, is from North Carolina and adopted a boy from Guatemala 4 years ago. She found out about BFZ from a friend in Arizona. So cool! Thanks, Monica!

~ Zaza's Mama

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, Jennie - everyone should yodel once in awhile. You don't even have to be a cowgirl. Did you hear that, Linda??

Jennie C. said...

Thank you for your support Jillybean! My grandpa is a real, live (retired) cowboy and he can actually yodel. It's so cool.