Friday, October 31, 2008

The Books (for the auditors)

Oct-31-2008 - $4066.70
In October, we received $671, with $8.61 going towards October's expenses.

Sep-30-2008 - $3404.31

We've pulled in another $428, with only $23.69 going towards September's expenses. So - 94% of your purchase price has been going toward's Zaza's adoption!

Aug-31-2008 - $3000
Since this is a fund raiser, I like to be super accountable about monies raised. I mentioned before that there would be some changes coming for BFZ and how the finances work will be one of them. Up until now, we've donated 100% of the purchase price of each bag towards Zaza's adoption. We're mostly family and it was our way of giving. But now that we're at $3000 (thank you everyone), our personal expenses have been adding up and we will now begin deducting them from the purchase price. I don't anticipate this amounting to more than a few dollars a bag, as we primarily use donated materials and thrift store finds. Some examples of expenses might be: thread, needles, thrift-store purchases, and PayPal's percentage. At least once a month I'll update you with expenses and income in this post for those interested in how we're doing.

As for what our new goal is - I just don't know. For now, we've still got a ways to go before all of Zaza's adoption expenses are covered. And then -- maybe we need to bring someone else's Zaza home? We're just going to keep going ... until we stop.

... one more sleep until new bags!


Anonymous said...

That sounds great, Jennie. I have enough donations to make about 127 more bags.
~ Zaza's Mama

Anonymous said...

New look to site is really great! Your plan does sound great and of course you need to cover some expenses!!! I await the new bags.....