Friday, May 8, 2009

Caught Up

Ooops - where has the time gone? I went to a meeting at my boy's school last night and then I got caught up in sewing my next bag and totally forgot that the bidding war had ended.

This week's lucky Bag Biddy is:
  • Images of the Past -- A.C. -- $41
Please email within 1 week to arrange payment and postage/pickup. All proceeds from this fundraiser go towards Zaza's adoption.

I'm thinking we'll be back on Monday with new bags. That's what I'm thinking.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

There is officially a man bag coming.

Jillybean said...

IT'S MONDAY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

waiting with bated breath! (baited?)

Beth S. said...

It's Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

where's the bags?????????