Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where are the Bags?

Where are the Bags? Where are the Bags you ask? Well, I'm not sure I like that tone ... but I know Linda is probably somewhere with her feet up, sipping virgin Margarita's. And of course, I'm just lazing around with a mud mask on my face and cucumbers on my eyes. Oh, wait - you mean those bags?

Linda was very keen and got all her sewing done before the weekend and sent me the pictures and everything. I started a bag, but at the spur of the moment dropped everything and drove over four hours to be with my Momma on Mother's Day. Therefore, I didn't sew. However, I did help get a load of fire wood. And I also managed to cut my lip, chip my tooth, and eat some dirt while on a little stroll through the forest. But all so worth it to hang out with my Momma.

So, here's Linda's bag and I'm back to the drawing board ... er ... cutting mat.
  • Elvis Takes a Back Seat
Bid on this bag by leaving a name and a bid in the comments section for the bag. The highest bidder at 8pm (pdt) on Monday, May 18th gets the bag and ALL profits are put towards Zaza's adoption!

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Here's some pictures of me not sewing:


Beth S. said...

Hope your tooth is easily repairable. Sorry about your fall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie: Sorry about your tooth. When we were out for lunch on Mother's Day Christy chipped her tooth and has to get a cap! We are in beautiful British Columbia and I'm loving it. The spring flowers are gorgeous. Loved meeting your Grandparents and seeing their lovely home. Grace