Monday, July 7, 2008

The Heaven Tree

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I just can't get enough of these seventies prints.

The main body of this bag is a delicious unbleached linen, donated by my sister. The bag is lined with a funky orange and brown print that is much to good for its previous mundane existence as a bedsheet.

Throw in a bit of golden green velvet, some orangey brown upholstry fabrics and MORE fabulous orange and brown prints and you've got yourself something right out of That Seventies Show.

There is, of course, a handy cell phone / sunglasses pocket and two large linen pockets on the back. I couldn't resist making the two inside pockets out of a chunk of coordinating craziness straight out of the 90s. (I was ironing it and wondering what about it made me think of the 90s - and then I noticed the copyright notice in the selvege - 1994).

Bid on this bag by leaving your name and a bid in the comments section. Bidding starts at $25 and increases by whole $s please. Highest bidder at 8am (PDT) on Saturday, July 12th gets the prize! Postage extra (from Abbotsford, BC). This bag was created by Jennie.

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Kimberly said...

How lovely! I bid $25!

Anonymous said...

Super bag, 60's-70's styling,you aced it; I was there--totally COOL!
Shall peek back Friday to see if I can sneak in a bid.

Jennie C. said...

Hee hee. I'm a last minute bidder myself -- good luck!

Jennie C. said...

Kimberley - you are the winner! If you haven't already, please email to arrange payment and shipping/pickup.