Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sold on the lady in the second row!

She’s an eight, she’s a nine, she’s a ten, I know...

Wowsers - you are all TENS! Thank you everyone for helping us bring Zaza home. This week's lucky winners are:
  • Velveteen Rabbit - Mary in Phoenix
  • By the Shores of Silver Lake - KCarvell
  • Ten Thousand Charms - Beth in Texas
  • Bandoola - Reena P
  • Rekindled - Mary in Phoenix
Please email to arrange payment and shipping/postage.

Check back on Monday for more lovely BAGS!

She’s got ruby red lips, blond hair, blue eyes.
And I’m about to bid my heart good-bye!

(now back to my regularly scheduled Saturday morning program ... zzzzzzzzzz)


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Anonymous said...

That was a good round. If I wasn't busy sewing, I'd be bidding. Thanks to all the bidders out there. We're one auction closer to Zaza coming home.
~ Zaza's Mama