Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Thank Yooz

I've decided to just add a Thank You Roll to my side-bar, kinda like a cinnamon roll, but less calories. It's for folks that sew for me or give me materials. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!

Now here's a shout-out to some blogs and websites that have been kind to me!

The Budget Ecoist helps "you Go Green while keeping some, well, green."
"Reducing the size of your environmental imprint is noble, but it can be tricky on a tight budget. Organic produce and hormone-free chicken? Solar panels and wind turbine? That shiny new 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid? It all adds up, and that's where we come in -- giving you information on the tips, topics and trends that will help you be eco-friendly on a budget."

The Darfur Project functions as a vehicle to raise funds for food aid to people in camps in Darfur, Sudan via the United Nations World Food Programme.
This blog inspired me. OK, I pretty much completely pirated my whole thing from this site. Joyce re-purposes linens, clothing, etc. to make "Re-joyce bags". I personally own one of these bags and it's brilliant - all of Joyce's bags are brilliant - Joyce is brilliant.

Plucky Mama over at The Informal Matriarch is my little sister and friend.
She is a truly plucky mama and she's blogged about me and my efforts for Zaza lots, she's also started sewing, let me bounce all my ideas off her, photographed bags, edited photos, solicited material donations from several locations, and done a blog give-away in Zaza's honour. XOXO.

Linda from My Sister's Jar is the adopting mother of Zaza ...
And, of course, has a vested interest in this project and, of course, would blog about it all the time and, of course, I love her. But I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that her go-go-go energy and I-can-do-anything attitude have been a huge inspiration to me over the years. She's creative and funny and just accomplishes so darn much. My Bags for Zaza project was a complete surprise for her -- and she just couldn't help getting involved. Love ya Linda!

Notable Adventures
Is a lovely blog by a lady who I am mentioning here because she's sent me several sweet and encouraging emails AND she bought three bags AND she has a great big link to me in her nav bar. Thanks darlin'!

And some other blogs that have given me shout-outs:
I hope I didn't miss anyone!


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