Monday, September 22, 2008

Lazy Sunday

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Jennie C and I work together, but live almost an hour apart. She often brings to work bags of fabric from her enormous stash to see if anything works with the bits and pieces my MIL and I have around. My new co-worker, Calvin, gets pretty excited about these bags of fabric and he couldn't help pulling together a coordinating bundle of this and that. I liked it enough that Lazy Sunday was created, named after Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book. It's also an apt name, because a glass of red wine, the colour of this rich corduroy, might be perfect for an ideal lazy Sunday.

We (Jennie C, Calvin T, and I) debated on whether the corduroy is wine or raspberry or burgundy or what? It really does different things in different light and from different angles. In any case, it's a gorgeous donation from Marjorie T, another co-worker of ours.

[* The pictures with an asterisks/star are the pictures that I think represent the colours the most accurately. The bag definitely is a berry shade and does NOT look at all rust like it shows up in a couple of the pictures.]

The front of this bag features a cute belt-like embellishment with a retro antique light-blue buckle from my MIL.

The back of the bag is simply more delicious corduroy.

The side pocket is made from that off-white diamond-patterned curtain I've used on other bags. And the pockets underneath the flap are made from a coordinating striped flannel from Jennie C's mom.

The bag, flap, and straps are lined with a sturdy cotton plaid, in coordinating shades of pink and blue on an off-white background.

The inside of the bag features three roomy pockets in a fine blue & white pinwhale stripe.

Bid on this bag by leaving your name and a bid in the comments section. Bidding starts at $25 and increases by whole $s please. Highest bidder at 9pm (PDT) on Saturday, September 27th gets the BAG! Postage extra (from Abbotsford, BC). This bag was created by Jenn V (with artistic direction from Calvin T).

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JDP said...

I'll start it off.....$25

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chuchmuch said...

$32 Alana

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chuchmuch said...

$35 AC

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful colour, & it looks so cuddly.

LaVonna said...

Where's the pocket knife in this photo...hee.hee.

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Great bag for fall!!

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Jennie C. said...

A.W. - you are the highest bidder! If you haven't already, please email to arrange payment and shipping/pickup.