Thursday, April 23, 2009

With Endless Sight

With Endless Sight was created by Linda and is located in Phoenix, AZ.
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Bid on this bag by leaving your name and a bid in the comments section. Bidding starts at $25 and increases by whole $s please. Highest bidder at 8pm (pacific) on Monday, April 27th gets the BAG! Postage extra.

With Endless Sight is a combination of Springtime colors that attract your eye with the first glance. This is a colorful bag of pinks, yellows, greens, oranges and off white. It is the standard messenger bag size with adjustable straps.

The front flap has a delicious collections of textiles to meet the fancy of the most persnickety lady: chenille checked green fabric, hot pink satin ribbon, a thick textured cotton with embroidered lines of stitches and a flashy silk daisy with a prominent lime green button.

The cell pocket is adorned with big, fat pink ric-rac and my razor phone fits in it perfectly.

There are four large pockets on the outside of the bag, two on the back and two under the flap. The pink material on the back has little off-white dots and a satiny sheen. The pockets are trimmed with an orange satin ribbon with white flowers dancing along it, as well as a felt and button flower accent. The pockets under the flap have a small hot pink and white gingham ribbon and a bright yellow button topping off the trim.

On the entire inside, you will have an Endless Sight of yellow and off-white striped denim. This is sturdy fabric that holds it shape quite nicely. There are also two pockets on the inside for the essentials, girls (chocolate, lipstick and mints).

The straps, sides and bottom of the bag are made of a brocade orange fabric that is rich in nubby texture. It is thickly structured and has a slight variation in its color.

I'm sorry it wasn't ready for Easter.... but it will do for Summer as well as Spring. Happy bidding!


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Miriam said...

Finally - I can bid on a bag again!!! Make mine $28.

- Miriam in Calgary

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Miriam said...


mysistersjar said...

Thanks for bidding girls.
I love this bag, if I do say so myself. So Springy!
~ Zaza's Mama, Linda

Supergirl aka Nadia said...


Miriam said...

$34 - I agree, Linda. It's something that even my 11 year would really like!!

- Miriam in Calgary

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Heather in Michigan

Jennie C. said...

Heather in Michigan - you are the highest bidder! If you haven't already, please email within 1 week to arrange payment and shipping/pickup.